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SANI-TRED® holds a virtual monopoly on effective qualities.

In the global indoor basement waterproofing products and radon control market, there appears to be great confusion. There are numerous systems and products being sold by major store chains and through the internet to unsuspecting customers for indoor basement waterproofing products and radon control that can not work at all and have absolutely no credible history or independent lab testing results that provide evidence that they can do these critical jobs.

SANI-TRED® has over 25 years experience, thousands of satisfied customers world-wide along with unprecedented test results that prove SANI-TRED® is the only products or system to be effective at indoor waterproofing and radon elimination. SANI-TRED® holds a virtual monopoly on these effective qualities.

SANI-TRED® has successfully achieved a perfect score in a major university study to retain negative hydrostatic pressure proving that SANI-TRED® is over 5 times stronger than required to indoor waterproof your basement and eliminate all problem radon at the same time. SANI-TRED® is the only basement waterproofing products in the world to be proven to perform at such great success!

The Testing Results That Matter

SANI-TRED® obtained a perfect negative hydrostatic pressure test result of 29”Hg for 110 hours and radon elimination effectiveness score of 99% making SANI-TRED® the only basement waterproofing products to achieve at these unprecedented levels normally considered to be impossible!

DIY Basement Waterproofing

UNIQUE-PATENT-PENDING SYSTEM! Repairs Badly Deteriorated Concrete, Internally Waterproofs, Eliminates Moisture Vapor Drive and Radon at the Same Time Due to unique technical breakthroughs in polymer chemistry, a complete, permanent indoor basement waterproofing products system is both available and affordable for the home owner or commercial property owner! With SANI-TRED® installed, the only way water or radon can enter your basement is through the windows or down the stairs. Period! SANI-TRED® is the only indoor basement waterproofing products system that completely seals any basement permanently, no matter how wet or deteriorated. SANI-TRED® adds permanent value increase to any home with it's lifetime warranty. SANI-TRED®'s Flexible Penetration Technology™ has set a complete new benchmark of standards for dependability and proven results unmatched by any other materials in the waterproofing industry, anywhere! Due to these and other unique qualities such as Elongation Memory Technology® no other products or system even comes close to SANI-TRED®'s record of success and performance in the field of negative hydrostatic pressure waterproofing. SANI-TRED® systems do not weaken with age, unlike other basement waterproofing products, but actually strengthens over time with higher qualities because of it's unique polymer chemistry of Permanent Elongation™.

Step by Step Basement Waterproofing:

The following steps will show you How to Waterproof a Basement with SANI-TRED®.

Products Needed: PermaFlex®, LRB (Liquid Rubber Base) and TAV (Thickening Activator)

  1. "Prepare" the substrate. Make sure it is clean, dry, free of any previous applied products, foreign matter and loose or crumbling material.

  2. "Prime" the substrate: Apply 1 coat of PermaFlex® (240 sq ft per gal). Concrete block surfaces need 2 prime coats of PermaFlex® basement waterproofing products because it is more porous than standard poured concrete. The first coat of PermaFlex® penetrates deep to permanently lock and seal within the pores of the concrete. The second coat begins filling the pores, pock holes & pin holes near the surface.
    This page explains and demonstrates how PermaFlex® basement waterproofing products permanently adheres to concrete.

  3. Before Preparation After Preparation
    Basement Waterproofing Before Preparation Block Walls
    Basement Waterproofing After Preparation Block Walls

  4. "Patch" and profile any joints, seams, cracks, holes and rough areas using LRB/TAV mixture. 2-parts LRB (Liquid Rubber Base) is mixed with 1-part TAV (Thickening Activator) to create a thick caulk-like mixture. A 1" diameter caulk bead of LRB/TAV mixture is applied where the wall meets the floor. Most cracks use a 3/4" diameter caulk bead.

    LRB/TAV “Round Caulk Bead Chart”

  5. Primed Then Patched
    Basement Waterproofing Primed Then Patched Block Walls

  6. "Topcoat": Apply 1 coat of PermaFlex® (240 sq ft per gal).

  7. Top Coat
    Basement Waterproofing Top Coat Block Walls

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Stone / Mortar Basement Waterproofing
Before After
Stone Basement Wall
Stone Basement Wall Waterproofing
Mortar Basement Wall
Mortar Basement Waterproofing

Poured concrete basements need a total of 2 coats PermaFlex®; walls and floors. Concrete block walls need a total of 3 coats PermaFlex® because blocked walls are extremely porous. Once the SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products have been applied, water, moisture or vapor can never enter the basement. PermaFlex® can be brushed, rolled or even sprayed! SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products also eliminate problem radon.

Poured Concrete Basement
Before After
Before Poured Concrete Basement
After Poured Concrete Basement


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Instant Basement Waterproofing Cost Calculator

To calculate the cost of waterproofing your basement with SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products, please go to our Automatic Basement Waterproofing Cost Calculator page and input your basement wall type, basement lenght, basement width and basement wall height.

Some Happy SANI-TRED® Customers

(see our references section for more)

"I purchased your product two years ago and have been completely satisfied. After ten years of frustration and being told nothing could be done I now have a dry basement. This past year we had a surplus of 30 inches of rain with downpours of four to five inches at times. SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products passed the field test with no leaks at all. I would recommend this product to anyone with a leaking basement." 

Randy D. Faulkner

"Five years ago our basement was more of a swimming pool then a useable basement. The walls were fieldstone with mortar. The floor was cracked in so many places that after it rained the water came up like springs!    First, we primed all the walls and floors with PermaFlex®. We used "SANI-TRED® LRB and TAV " basement waterproofing products to re-mortar the stones, as well as at the intersections of the walls, floors, and floor cracks. After doing this, we painted the walls and floor crack repairs with a final coat of "PermaFlex®". For the last five years we have not had any water and it is now usable living space with furniture. Your products are very amazing. Your instructions for basement waterproofing products and the ease of installing are plain and simple. At this time, I am going to coat the inside of an aluminum fishing boat to eliminate water seepage around the rivets. Thank you, for these amazing products."

John Jessen

"We live in the Seattle area in a house originally built in 1913. The underground basement has always leaked or had at least some seepage during heavy rains. Because of the age of the house and surrounding landscaping, exterior foundation waterproofing via digging up the property was neither feasible or desirable. We decided to try Sanitred basement waterproofing products and have been VERY PLEASED with the results. The product was SO EASY to use - my husband and I installed two coats and the LRB in one day on the entire basement area we wanted covered. The instructions were clear and simple and we had no trouble with the product. Everything was cured in a few days - even in the spots where we applied the product very heavily. Two weeks ago the Seattle area experienced severe rains that broke 100-year-old records - but our basement stayed DRY!!! We were thrilled. Thanks to Sanitred basement waterproofing products, we are looking forward to finishing out the basement and nearly doubling the living space in this house - something that has NEVER been done in the history of the house. What a great product - it does what it says it will do! "

 Melody and Daniel Derrick

Hello. My name is Todd Brannan and I ordered the basement waterproofing products  system a few months ago and followed the directions exactly as described. A month after installing the system we received  8 inches of snow and after a rapid snow melt, overnight, and 3 and a half inches rain following that my  basement is bone dry, it would of been a mess as usual with out sanitred. Statistics say only 20% of the do it yourselfers succeed at basement waterproofing products there own basement, if everyone used sanitred that would go up to about 95%. I knew after the first coat of prime and bead dried this stuff was gonna work. I really enjoyed putting something on that I knew was going to work the first time. Thanks sanitred , now I'm setting things on the basement floor I could have never put there before. Good Product.

Todd Brannan

"I have just finished my first basement job using Sani Tred basement waterproofing products and LRB. !!! WOW! This job was the worst case scenario, stone walls over 50 years old, deteriorating etc. After the first rain I found your product to perform over and above expectations! Thank you for Sani Tred."

Randy C. Graham  President, Construction, Management, Maintenance & Inspections. 

"Thank you Diane for the information.  I have a few gallons of PermaFlex® basement waterproofing products left over from our recent basement project.  I will use a portion of it to prime the wood in this project. Your products are phenomenal.  We are very pleased with the results in our basement flooring."


"Hello Mr. I type I have 3 fellows fixing that job from hell with your wonderful product. The scraping and sanding has taken 7 hours as we need to ensure that no more of the powder coating is going to come adrift and float the Permaflex basement waterproofing products away in the future. I will keep you updated with hopefully rave revues for us Canadians to read on your web. The tank manufactures are standing behind their guarantee which is great.....2 of the workers today are theirs. First rave revue....your shipping took less than a week...all in unfreezable- delivery fashion. From your sauna to our igloo....impressive."

Regards...Sophie Swiderski

Whom it may concern,

I ordered your basement waterproofing products and used on a basement of one of my houses. I repulsed "Isabel" with no problem. I am interested in being a distributor as we discussed.

I have been in the trades for several years except for 4 years as a stock broker. I am presently buying houses for re-habing and I am also looking for another business and this is one that seems like it could be very lucrative here in the Cleveland area. I also own a 4000 sq ft building that I would like to sell your product and also some other specialty products out of.

Roger Hale


My name is Dan Taylor and I have been a reference for your basement waterproofing products a long time. I would like you to remove me from your list immediately. No issue with the basement waterproofing products just can't keep up with the emails and phone calls. Sorry for the inconvenience. thanks!

Dan Taylor

SANI-TRED® Indoor Basement Waterproofing Advantages:

  1. SANI-TRED® indoor basement waterproofing products permanently seals all seams, cracks, holes and joints in walls, floors, floor joints and wall-to floor cold joint which is impossible to seal or waterproof from the outside of the basement or foundation.
  2. May be performed at any time during or after construction. May be applied on new or existing homes.
  3. SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products indoor basement waterproofing may be installed year round day or night. 
  4. Allows immediate back filling, no need for exterior foundation coating inspection or other treatments due to being a technical upgrade over exterior systems due to SANI-TRED®’s basement waterproofing products ability to hold back negative hydrostatic pressure. 
  5. Eliminates the need of a plastic vapor barrier which is usually non-effective due to tearing and improper termination of ends and seams any way. 
  6. SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products eliminates Moisture Vapor Drive  in concrete slabs which detaches floor coatings, tiles, and ruins carpets. 
  7. SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products eliminates all humidity, moisture, water (dripping and/or flowing) from ever entering the basement. 
  8. Eliminates Radon Gas from entering from a concrete slab, basement or foundation of the building. 
  9. SANI-TRED®’s basement waterproofing products non-toxic materials eliminate the need to vacate the building during installation. 
  10. A Permanent system that does not rely on sump pumps, drain systems, or electricity to remove water. 
  11. Maintenance-free, requires no upkeep or refurbishment to last the life of the structure. 
  12. SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products does not attract insects and vermin or provide a place to hide or material to eat. 
  13. Non-flammable as a liquid or solid cured product. 
  14. SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products eliminates all basement mold, mildew and fungus in basements or crawl spaces. 
  15. Eliminates all musty odors caused by mold, mildew and fungus in basements or crawl spaces. 
  16. Prevents future foundation settling by eliminating erosion of undisturbed soil from under the foundation footing. 
  17. SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products reduces water pollution by eliminating sump pump ground water from entering the sanitary sewer system in some cities which require basement water to be plumbed into a sanitary sewer. 
  18. Prevents future foundation and basement floor cracking by eliminating water flow under the concrete. 
  19. Requires no special tools to install and is less expensive than any other method of foundation water proofing. 
  20. SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products provides a decorative finish to floors and walls which would normally be bare concrete or unfinished masonry surfaces. 
  21. Provides more useful living space in other wise unlivable areas. 
  22. SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products provides durable easy to clean, sanitary surfaces to normally impossible to clean concrete or masonry surfaces. 
  23. Improves the value and salability of the home or building. 
  24. Improves air quality by eliminating allergens such as mold, mildew and fungus spores.

Why Use SANI-TRED® Basement Waterproofing Products

Until the invention of SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products, permanently waterproofing a basement entirely from the interior of the basement to prevent water from entering from the outside was thought impossible. The fact that SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products have the unique ability to permanently retain negative hydrostatic pressure can be considered an issue of controversy only to those who choose to remain uninformed.

NOTE: For all interior basement waterproofing installations, where retaining negative hydrostatic pressure is required, it is critical that all "scrim coatings", old paints, sealers, waterproofing agents etc, must be removed to allow SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products to penetrate and bond to the original concrete surfaces.

Wet basements are limited in their use for living space. Waterproofing basements indoors with SANI-TRED®basement waterproofing products eliminates basement mold, fungus, mildew, musty odors, dampness, condensation, and all other basement problems caused by humidity. Poured concrete walls, concrete block, native stone, even treated wood foundations are permanently and effectively waterproofed with the SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing productssystem, allowing previously unusable basements to be finished and used for prime living space.

Basement flooding is permanently eliminated with our do-it-yourself basement waterproofing products system. Read on to understand why the only way to waterproof a basement is on the inside of the basement walls, not the outside. Don't take a chance on temporary exterior systems which can eventually fail and damage valuable basement finishing materials.

Leaking occurs in residential basements because concrete basements are poured in three separate pours in this order:

  1. Foundation Footing 
  2. Foundation Walls 
  3. Basement Floor slab

New concrete that is poured next to cured concrete will not bond new-to-old, and forms distinct gaps or cracks between these poured surfaces called "cold joints." These cold joints are unavoidable in basement construction.

One of the standard techniques for basement waterproofing products is to coat the outside of the walls to try to prevent water from entering the basement. Read on to see why some in the waterproofing industry have accepted the inevitability of wet or damp basements. 

Low grade by-products such as tar or asphalt are routinely applied on the outside of basement walls, on the "positive pressure side" to try to prevent water from entering the basement walls from the outside. The main reason coatings such as these are installed on the outside of the basement walls is that until the invention of SANI-TRED® basement waterproofing products no coatings have been able to remain intact when subjected to negative hydrostatic pressure if installed on the inside of the basement. Also, little if any concrete surface preparation is required, if tar-like products are installed on the outside, the positive pressure side.

The labor and price advantages makes obsolete types of systems very popular, simple and cheap to install by basic laborers that simply "slop on the tar", and highly profitable for the "waterproofing" company. Exterior coatings, however, are seldom effective for more than a few months to protect the walls, and they can never seal the interior wall-to-floor joint, and water can percolate under the footing and up through the unsealed joints.

Is there any wonder why so many water-proofing contractors are reluctant to give up the old ways and old technology regardless of the reality that exterior waterproof coatings and systems don't work and have never worked to eliminate ground water in basements! These systems only attempt to reduce inflow. The the greatest irony is that the proponents of these types of exterior systems are the most critical of SANI-TRED®'s basement waterproofing products interior system. You can't blame them; their own exterior installation methods are obsolete and they now have to re-evaluate everything they have thought to be true in the past!

Waterproofing Products
Waterproofing System
Basement Waterproofing

Photos of Typical "Crystalline Technology" "Waterproofing Products"

These types of cement based basement waterproofing products are a huge problem because it costs approximately 4 times the original product cost to remove them and decontaminate the concrete due to routine failure. Do not attempt to use these types of products for  basement waterproofing as they are only designed for temporary flow reduction at best!

Read More in the "Basement Waterproofing" Section:


Jhon Jessen

Five years ago our basement was more of a swimming Floor then a useable basement. The walls were fieldstone with mortar. The floor was cracked in so many places that after it rained the water came up like springs!...READ MORE

Todd Brannan

My name is Todd Brannan and I ordered the basement waterproofing  system a few months ago. Thanks sanitred, now I'm setting things on the basement floor I could have never put there before. Good Product... READ MORE

Larry Piccirilli

I am totally impressed and pleasantly surprised.  I am highly recommending the Sani-tred system to my friends even if they don't have water problems.  I figure if I tell everyone about it, they will remember where to come and get the info...READ MORE

Stu Cassell

Our swimming pool was losing 2-3 inches of water a day. We had two different pool companies attempt to fix the leaks. Neither was successful...READ MORE

Wes Lukaszek

First of all, I want to thank you for your expert advice about your products. Everything worked as you said it would. Your products are very easy to work with...READ MORE

Curt Hugo

I wanted to let you know I used your product, PermaFlex and LRB/TAV on the cracks on my basement wall. I'm very impressed with the results....READ MORE