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Waterproof Foundation System That Permanently Seals Homes From Invasive Moisture

The best waterproof foundation products are available from Sani-Tred® for homeowners who want to permanently seal their homes from invasive moisture.

Our liquid rubber foundation waterproofing membrane forms a cohesive bond with foundation walls and floors to create a seamless seal that resists negative hydrostatic pressure even along raw seams.

This is an easy to apply DIY application that not only saves thousands of dollars when compared to exterior applications, but also provides long-lasting results.

What is Waterproof Foundation?

Homes with basements consist of walls made of poured concrete, stone or concrete blocks set atop a concrete floor.

Depending upon the age of the home, the floor may have a layer of thin plastic between the slab and the dirt underneath.

Exterior walls may also have plastic or tar, and french drains may have been installed in an effort to wick groundwater away from the building.

Old Home Waterproof Foundation Does Not Work

Anyone who has seen moisture in corners, cracks/seams in the floor, mildew smell, or dirt along the corners where walls meet are all indicators that your existing waterproofing systems are failing.

Sani-Tred® is the only basement and foundation waterproofing material that totally eliminates this problem forever. This do it yourself system is easy to use and 100% effective in waterproofing your home.

The Ultimate Waterproof Foundation Products

Sani-Tred® waterproof foundation products work together to inexpensively and permanently end moisture problems. Cracks are filled with LRB and TAV which features PermaFlex® with the ability to stretch up to 600 times its original size and snap back without ever becoming brittle or cracking.

Foundation waterproofing with applications of PermaFlex® prime coat, LRB and TAV and a top coat will create an impermeable barrier against the intrusion of moisture.

How's and Why's of Sani-Tred® Waterproof Foundation System

Sani-Tred® basement foundation repair and waterproofing uses a patented system which fills molecules in concrete with liquid rubber to create tiny plugs.

As negative hydrostatic pressure increases these seals actually increase in strength.

The same action stops this moisture from getting underneath the liquid rubber foundation waterproofing membrane, which is unique to only our products.

Other systems will fail, causing their membranes to delaminate, creating a serious problem.

When compared to the best exterior waterproof foundation methods available Sani-Tred®'s interior method not only lasts permanently, is stronger, but also is considerably less expensive.

Renting expensive excavation equipment or hiring contractors to remove landscaping and dirt, apply a product which doesn't last and backfill, often costs over ten thousand dollars.

Instead, homeowners can select Sani-Tred® for permanent foundation waterproofing repair at a fraction of the cost.

How Much Does Sani-Tred® Foundation Waterproofing Products Cost?

One could argue that Sani-Tred® costs nothing, only saves you money because you are avoiding potentially very costly water damage.

Figuring the waterproof foundation cost and quantities of Sani-Tred® products is easy with the Instant Basement Waterproofing Cost Calculator.

This is an easy to apply do it yourself foundation waterproofing system that homeowners have been using for years.

Take advantage of the affordable costs of Sani-Tred® DIY system and never have to worry about costly leaks, floods, and molds in your waterproof foundation ever again.

Just click the link below and fill out your information, and your basement foundation will be absolutely 100% waterproof forever in not time.


Here's One More "Secret" You Need to Know:

Preparation is responsible for 75% of success with Sani-Tred®, and we have dozens of reviews from customers who applied Sani-Tred® interior waterproof foundation systems once and have been moisture, water, and vapor free since.



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