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Basement Waterproofing Testimonials

From: M Bertram
Sent: Monday, Oct 15, 2012
To: Sani-Tred

I purchased your product about a month ago and have been waiting for dry weather to fix the crack in the basement wall. About 10 days ago everything finally dried up and I got the wall cleaned up and your product applied. I waited three days and turned the garden hose on outside for about 20 min. Everything stayed dry but the real test was whe we finally got rain this past weekend. We had over 2 inches of rain Saturday and Sunday and I am absolutely elated that I had no leaking water at all. I think the prep work is a critical part, the product was easy to apply.

Thanks for a great product!

M Bertram

From: Richard
Sent: Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012
To: Sani-Tred

Our home was built in 1920 on a poured concrete foundation. However, the concrete floor wasn't poured until sometime later. We had one spot where the gap between foundation and floor allowed almost constant water into our basement. We've been told that previous owners have tried "everything" to stop the flow, which we learned first hand when we prepared to apply Sani Tred. We took out paints of all kinds, including some of the toughest epoxy paints. We ended up having to grind the old stuff off.

I am happy to report that the leak is totally stopped; that the toughest spot in our basement has been sealed. Our basement was a real tough one. We are doing the rest of our basement during the next dry spell.


From: Don Newsom
Sent: Tuesay, May 22, 2012
To: Sani-Tred

When I built my house the concrete basement walls leaked. I dug up the house and re-installed a black membrane in accordance with the manufacturer instructions.  It leaked again. Then I found Sani-Tred and applied it.  I followed the instructions EXACTLY to include using a torch to dry wet areas.

My basememt has not leaked for years, even during torrential rains from a hurricane.  Not a drop comes through the walls of a 2,700 sq. ft. basement.

I also stopped water intrusion through a massive chimney by using Sani-Tred on top of the chimney.

I am completely satisfied with the results. 

Sani-Tred is an excellent product which I recommend without hesitation.

Thanks Sani-Tred

Don Newson

From: Dave in CT
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2011
To: Sani-Tred

I am a long time Sani-Tred customer and it goes without saying, a very happy customer... I have used your products to totally seal my basement before finishing it and it gives me complete peace of mind knowing I will never have a problem. Two years ago I applied the Permaflex Al to my wooden deck. The best move I ever made... I was painting it every year but not any more.. It also holds up great to the tough New England winters...



From: M Scarbeau (Reliable Construction)
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2011
To: Sani-Tred

As a contractor I use many different materials & products. I have used Sanitred recently on a poor concrete block foundation and I highly recomend the product. This product is now part of our line of products in use.

Thank you.

M Scarbeau
Reliable Construction

From: J Kennedy
Sent: Friday, December 03, 2010
To: Sani-Tred

I'm happy to say that I have no sump pumps running right now.  That's saying a lot when you consider that this time last year I had 6 pumps running, with 4 that never ever shut off. 

Our property suffers from a seasonally perched water table.  Needless to say, it was a complete surprise our first winter when 3 x 1/2 HP 2" discharge pumps weren\'t enough to keep the water out.  We had a second pit dug and added more pumps but it still wasn't enough in the spring (and we had 2000' of 6" tile on our property!).

Sani-Tred was the only company/product that promised waterproofing from inside the basement.  Since we had no leaks in the walls, but rather through any opening or crack in the floor we knew this was our only option.  The first big winter rain we had after installing was all the proof we needed.  We had a couple of small leaks but they were due to my laziness in application of the LRB.  My only hint to others would be to
budget enough LRB to patch all cracks.  The product absolutely works, you just have to install it correctly. 

I'm now patched and completely happy.  No pumps even after a 3" rain and a 2 foot snow melt!  Now we just need to get the insurance companies to recognize how much money this is going to save them in order to lower my rates...

Thank you

J Kennedy

From: Jim Casteel
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2010
To: Sani-Tred

When I was looking into your product there really weren’t any references I could find and no one who could speak for your product, but I tried it anyway.

It has been over a year now since we coated the walls and floor of a customers’ basement here in central FL.  There has been more rain this year at once then there has been since the basement was originally built and no water whatsoever.  This basement has seen 8-12” of water in the past.  So far so good!  Next time I come into a waterproofing situation such as this, I won’t do any web surfing, I will immediately place an order with you!  Feel free to post this with my name and company name in your references.

Thank you

Jim Casteel
Statewide Construction, Inc.

From: John Schweighardt
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010
To: Sani-Tred

I used the Quart Sample Pack to treat a leaking area caused by a crack in my poured concrete foundation.  I could never relax when it rained hard (finished basement).  The recent heavy rain in NJ fell but I didn't get one drop in the basement. 

Thanks Sani-Tred! 

John Schweighardt

From: Jim Linstrum
Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2009
To: Sani-Tred

I look at it and see a concrete wall which has now been covered with your awesome product! We have had some very wet weather over the past 4 weeks and my basement is dry as a bone!

I am very pleased with the performance of the products.

Thank you

Jim Linstrum

From: Terry Meyer
Sent: Saturday, September 05, 2009
To: Sani-Tred

I recently applied your products to a concrete basement block foundation that previously leaked water badly. Even with small rains, water would trickle in and the blocks were always saturated with moisture. I'm glad
I used your products as the basement is completely dry. We recently had 4" of rain over 2 days and I had no water in the basement. Also it looks 1000 times better than before.

Finished Basement
Basement Waterproofed with Sani-Tred

I'm sure I saved several thousands over having a waterproofing company come in and install a drainage system.

Thanks for a great product

Terry Meyer

From: Glenn Saylor
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009
To: Sani-Tred

I have a concrete outdoor stoop that was extremely pourous. Whenever it rained, water would leak into the basement under the stoop. Rather than pour a new concrete stoop, I tried your product (PermaFlex). Permaflex sealed the slab completely, and the grey color makes the slab look like newly poured concrete. Since the application there have been several heavy rains and no water has leaked into the basement.

Great product!


Glenn Saylor

From: Steve Brookhouse
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009
To: Sani-Tred Folks

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since we completed the Sani-Tred application on our basement floor and walls. Since then we have experienced at least 3 or 4 significant rain storms (and will again probably today), and to I believe the process is working as I wanted – no water seepage from cracked floors and wall/floor joints. I’m not one to make recommendations to others, unless I am very satisfied, but I will recommend Sani-Tred to others that are experiencing similar conditions that we had. I am surprised at how absolutely water proof this stuff is – amazing. I’m a very satisfied customer and I appreciate you holding my hands with all the questions I’ve given you.

Thank you

Steve Brookhouse

From: Michael Clawson
Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008
To: Ideal Products LLC - Sani-Tred

After using a water proofing product from a home improvement store, my basement walls eventually cracked and a Wisconsin Februray winter rain caused it to leak!

After applying Sani-Tred,  the most recent December rain on a frozen ground showed absolutely no signs of a leak.  My basement stayed dry.

Thank You. I am convinced.
Mike Clawson

From: Ryan Hager
Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2008
To: Sani-Tred

I just wanted to thank you for making an effective product.  After two and a half years of a leaking area in my basement after heavy rain, your product permanently sealed it!  I am amazed.  Ever Dry wanted to charge me $14000 to water proof my basement.  I'm goign to be able to use your product for a few hundred dollars.  Way to go.

Ryan Hager

From:Craig & Kat Withers
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007
To: Sani-Tred

Howdy!  My wife and I used your product on our basement floor, we love it! We tell everyone about Sanitred!....My son in law buys and flips houses and anything else to do with house, he has recently gotten into dry basement work and became ceritified for mold abatement.  He asked us about the "stuff" we used on our floors, he figures he can offer it to potential clients.


Craig & Kat Withers

From: Scott and Brenda
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2007
To: Sani-Tred

So far, so great.  Our basement has always had problems with seepage.  Being that it was an older home, 1927, we were beginning to except the possibility of never being able to use the basement the way we want.  My wife and I sell real estate, and know the value of a usable basement.  Well, our persistence in trying to solve the problem has paid off.  After applying perma flex, LRB and perma flex again, the east side of the basement is dry.  We received 2+ inches of rain within a week of applying the product and not a drop, not even minor condensation.  It takes some time to prep correctly, but it is well worth the effort.  My daughter wants to have her room downstairs, but my wife and I are thinking of making it our get away room.  We are going to build our own home in a few years and have already decided that the entire basement will be covered with sani-tred before any finishing of the basement takes place.  Being that my wife and I are in sales, we know the importance of quality customer service.  Your customer service was prompt, and very courteous.


Scott and Brenda

From: Calvin & Norita Lawson
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007
To: Sani-Tred

Okay the verdict is in -  It really works!  We've lived in our Texas home for ~16 years and the basement has always leaked.  We were told that due to the Texas soil we couldn't do anything to stop the leaking.  Well thanks to Sani-Tred we leak no more.  It's wonderful, it's like getting an extra ~ 400sft of living space added to our home.    We had so much rain early this summer, we finally decided to try something and we found Sani-Tred on the internet.  Actually my husband was looking at a different product and then I found yours and read everything about it and we were convinced to give it a try.  Finally we got a few dry days and were able to apply the Sani-Tred product.  Then we were actually praying for rain so we see if Sani-Tred worked. We've been through a few more heavy rains and It's amazing, you do "keep the water out".  We are so pleased.  The basement is going to be my husbands man room.

Calvin & Norita Lawson

From: Lauren Hough
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007
To: Sani-Tred

I used this for my basement a few years ago and loved it. This stuff is great!


Lauren Hough

From: Tyler Shanks
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2007
To: Sani-Tred

I did recently apply your products to my basement.  Prior to applying this product, my basement was leaking for quite some time (3-4 years).  After a two good rain storms, the basement is finally dry. 
Thanks for a great product.

Thank you Sanitred

Tyler Shanks

From: JDMay
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 10:25 AM
To: Sani-Tred
Subject: Photos

Here are some before and after Pictures.
I thought I had more before pictures but I had accidentally deleted some out and after I finished the job I moved all of my stuff back down in the basement before I took any pictures of one corner.

I do have some before and after pictures of the clean up and completion, after Cosey Construction company Destroyed my Basement if you would want those also, I will send them anyway in a separate E-mail.

I would like to say we have had three days of rain and there was no water in my basement
not only does my basement look good it's dry to. This Definitely added value to my home.

Jarell D.May 




From: Sharalyn Harris

To: Sani-Tred

Dear Sani-Tred,

I am writing to tell you that I LOVE your products and your customer service. As a 60 year old woman, doing the work myself was physically challenging but the beauty is that it even I could do it. The products went on easily and the finished product looks beautiful. I learned that it is very important to follow instructions closely in order to get perfect waterproofing, but we now have a perfectly dry basement. Your customer service people were courteous and helpful--Sani-Tred went far beyond the ordinary to be helpful. I also want to express my gratitude for a non-toxic product that doesn't hurt either me or the environment. Please use my name as a local reference as I know that you are a rare company with a rare product! Thank you again,


Sharalyn Harris

From: Criag and Kat Withers

To: Sani-Tred

We bought 2 gallons of PermaFlex and applied, and we see the difference it has made the product!! We are telling our friends about it and ordering more.

Thank you

Criag and Kat Withers

From: Brad Dettmer

To: Sani-Tred

Just a quick email to say thanks.  I've been fighting a small, nuisance leak in my basement for five years.  I used your product and BAM! Problem is fixed.  We just received over 5 inches of rain in 4 days and not one drop of water in my basement.  Awesome!

Brad Dettmer

From: Curt Hugo

To: Sani-Tred

Hi Sani-Tred or whoever reads this email,

I wanted to let you know I used your product, PermaFlex and LRB/TAV on the cracks on my basement wall.  I'm very impressed with the results. I am confident the leak has been fixed and I can get on with my basement finishing project.  

Curt Hugo

From: Donald C Paradise DDS


Subject: Sanitred Form Message !!!

Your product is great. We had 21 inches of rain from Dec 1st to today in Olympia Wa. My basement is dry for the first time. All are amazed since I drain 10 acres and we had severe flooding nearby.

How long has your product been in existence?
Are you the developers or just the distributors?
Do you do all of your business over the internet?
I am curious about your business as well as your product.

Donald C Paradise DDS

From: N. Gregory

To: Sani-Tred

Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2005 9:45 PM

SANI-TRED solved a score of H20 problems in our basement. Never again will we purchase an existing home or build a new home without first applying your products first. A contractor from Chattanooga, TN that you had recommended did the job (we live in GA). Now, a relative in Wayne, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, needs your "stuff" ASAP!! Do you have a contractor in that area??  Their zip code is 19087.

PS Dad was a DuPont chemist....he would have been impressed!

N. Gregory

From: Hugh

To: Sani-Tred

I have just finished my first basement job using Sani-Tred PermaFlex and LRB. !!! WOW! This job was the worst case scenario, stone walls over 50 years old, deteriorating etc… After the first rain I found your product to perform over and above expectations! Thank you for Sani-Tred.


From: James S. Lodge

To: Sani-Tred

July 22,2005

Dear Sir or Madam:

I want to express my appreciation to the Ideal Product staff for their help with obtaining and supplementing the directions for applying your product. Every phone conversation was pleasant, professional and extremely helpful. Your product is WONDERFUL and has eliminated any water leaks around a glass block basement window that was chronically a problem with every heavy rain. Prior to finding your products through a friend, I received an estimate from a company specializing in sealing basement leaks. Their estimate was nearly $2,000! Thanks to Sani-Tred; I did the job myself for about 10% of that amount. If Ideal Products/Sani-Tred ever needs a testament from an EXTREMELY SATISFIED customer, please do not hesitate to contact me. It has been obvious to me that your company places a high priority on customer service.



From: George E. Jendrzejczak, LFD

To: Sani-Tred

April 28, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

I had seen your product advertised in our local newspaper as a Sunday insert (courtesy ARA Content). After carefully considering the product, I purchased (reference order #6347).

I had used Dry-Lok on my cracked poured concrete basement wall previously. A mason had v-eed the crack and applied the Dry-Lok as instructed, internally and externally. Then, I asphalted and placed 8-mil plastic sheeting on the outside. After the first saturating rain, I had the same leak.

I considered other methods of resolving the problem, but held off doing anything for quite a while. I’m glad I did.

Upon receipt of your product I applied as instructed. Yes, me… not a mason or any other craft. Easy instructions to work with and simple prep and tools. I finished the third step, the PermaFlex finish coat one day before predicted heavy rains… 2” – 4” predicted. We god close to 4” total over two days. See Albany, New York weather Saturday April 22, 2006 and April 23, 2006. Your product worked PERFECTLY, as advertised.

I thought the concept might work. You see, I’m a funeral director. Burial vaults are constructed likewise…. A liner is bonded to the concrete.

I have already recommended your product to several other people. I will continue to do so. If I ever have a future need, I will most definitely order again.


George E. Jendrzejczak, LFD

From: Judy

To: Sani-Tred

Thank you Sani-Tred for the information.  I have a few gallons of PermaFlex left over from our recent basement project.  I will use a portion of it to prime the wood in this project. 

Your products are phenomenal.  We are very pleased with the results in our basement.


From: Mark Bialek

To: Sani-Tred

Dear Sani-Tred,

We had an addition built on our home during the winter of 2002-2003.  During
this time we experienced one of the worst winters ever.  It rained all during the construction of our basement and the contractor made numerous mistakes that turned our basement into a swimming pool.  Water ran down all 4 walls and I was constantly cleaning up puddles of water from the basement floor.
Our basement is entirely underground and it has 9 foot ceilings.  You can imagine how we felt when our walls never dried up and the contractor ran out of ideas on how to correct our wet basement problem.  He even suggested that we have the basement filled in with concrete because he thought that there was no hope in keeping our basement dry.
It wasn't until I found your website and gave your product a try that we began to have hope for our problem basement.  After correcting some of the contractor’s mistakes there were still a number of problem areas that I felt would never stay dry. I tackled each wall one at a time and applied your product.  In September the job was complete.
Since then, our basement has stayed bone dry!  Not one wet spot, not even a questionable drop of water!  It even sustained all of the rain we had from hurricane Isabel!!!  That damp cool feeling we once felt in our basement is gone for good!  Your product is a Godsend and it is without a doubt the BEST WATERPROOFING PRODUCT MONEY CAN BUY.  Sure, you do cost more than the competition but I have seen the competition and they will never do what your product does!  If I ever meet someone who has a water problem with their basement, I will tell then that Sani-tred corrects the problem and you will never have to worry about it ever again!  We are living proof!  Thank you!

Mark Bialek

From: Mark Yochum

To: Sani-Tred

Thanks for all your help. I bought LRB, PermaFlex, and TAV in January. I just now finished the basement due to weather and temp in St. Louis.  I love the product. Will order more in the future for my rental house.  Need to prep the floors first.

Mark Yochum

From: Melody and Daniel Derrick

To: Sani-Tred

We live in the Seattle area in a house originally built in 1913. The underground basement has always leaked or had at least some seepage during heavy rains.  Because of the age of the house and surrounding landscaping, exterior waterproofing via digging up the property was neither feasible nor desirable. 

We decided to try Sani-Tred and have been VERY PLEASED with the results.  The product was SO EASY to use - my husband and I installed two coats and the LRB in one day on the entire basement area we wanted covered.  The instructions were clear and simple and we had no trouble with the product.
Two weeks ago the Seattle area experienced severe  rains that broke 100-year-old records - but our basement stayed DRY!!!  We were thrilled.

Thanks to Sani-Tred, we are looking forward to finishing out the basement and nearly doubling the living space in this house - something that has NEVER been done in the history of the house. 
What a great product - it does what it says it will do! 

Melody and Daniel Derrick


Dear Mr. Graham,

We have a wet basement problem and in my research I find that you used Sanitred.  We are very impressed with Sanitred, but we thought we should check with the references and see if they are still pleased.
Do you have any regrets that you went with Sanitred?  It sounds like you may have done this for someone else.  Is it difficult to do?  Have you used it again, since?
If you have any advice for us we would sure appreciate your reply.


Jo Shnell



Don & Mary

I appreciate your inquiry. Since first using Sani-Tred I have became a Sales & Application Agent for the product. I have been in the construction industry for 21 years and would never sell any other products that I have installed. PermaFlex is the only product I have the utmost confidence in. I encourage you to not waste your time looking any further for your waterproofing needs. All you can read in the Sani-Tred product’s web site, concerning other waterproofing products, I have experienced first hand. They all have failed exactly as the web site has explains. I need not say any more. I hope you and your wife enjoy your moisture free environment.


Randy C. Graham
President, Construction, Management, Maintenance & Inspections. 
In God We Trust

From: Randy D. Faulkner

To: Sani-Tred

I purchased your product two years ago and have been completely
satisfied.  After ten years of frustration and being told nothing could be
done I now have a dry basement.  This past year we had a surplus of 30
inches of rain with downpours of four to five inches at times.  Sani-Tred
pasted the field test with no leaks at all.  I would recommend this product
to anyone with a leaking basement.

Randy D. Faulkner

From: Virgilio Leynes

To: Sani-Tred

Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 12:14:34

I have previously purchased and used your product in my house at Plainfield NJ. I am very much impressed. The basement leaks are gone! I am returning back to the Philippines and this order will be used to waterproof the basement of my house in Metro Manila which had developed leaks. By the way, is there a chance I can distribute this product exclusively in the Philippines?

Virgilio Leynes

From: Bob Murch

To: Sani-Tred

Last Year at this time I put an end to all the allergies my family and guests were having to the mold and mildew in our Maine cottage. Your product is INCREDIBLE.  We began by throwing everything away in the basement (BEDS, Curtains, Clothing, and Rugs etc.). I followed your steps exactly acid etched the floor, neutralized it, used PermaFlex, LRB went into the corners of every exterior wall and crack, then the PermaFlex coating again.

It is just an Amazing product, the moisture and seepage has been completely sealed out and not a sneeze or itchy eye has occurred since.  Thank you! 

Bob Murch

From: Anthony Russo

To: Sani-Tred

Sent: Friday, October 21, 2005 3:42 PM

Dear Ladies & Gentleman:

I have used your Sani-Tred products on several occasions to fix leaks in my foundation.  I cannot express how amazed I am at the simplicity and effectiveness of your product. The leaks have been repaired in one easy attempt.  I find myself singing the praises of Sani-Tred to anyone who will listen.

Thank you,

Anthony Russo    

From: John Jessen

To: Sani-Tred

Five years ago our basement was more of a swimming Floor then a useable basement. The walls were fieldstone with mortar. The floor was cracked in so many places that after it rained the water came up like springs!

First, we primes all the walls and floors with your Permaflex. We used "Sani-Tred LRB and TAV " to re-mortar the stones, as well as at the intersections of the walls, floors, and floor cracks. After doing this, we painted the walls and floor crack repairs with a final coat of "Permaflex". For the last five years we have not had any water and it is now usable living space with furniture. Your products are very amazing. Your instructions and the ease of installing are plain and simple.

At this time, I am going to coat the inside of an aluminum fishing boat to eliminate water seepage around the rivets.

Thank you, for these amazing products.


John Jessen

From: Todd Brannan

To: Sani-Tred

Hello. My name is Todd Brannan and I ordered the basement waterproofing  system a few months ago and followed the directions exactly as described. A month after installing the system we received  8 inches of snow and after a rapid snow melt, overnight, and 3 and a half inches rain following that my  basement is bone dry, it would of been a mess as usual with out sanitred. Good bye hydraulic cement and dry lock, they don't hold a candle to sanitred.

Statistics say only 20% of the do it yourselfers succeed at waterproofing there own basement, if everyone used sanitred that would go up to about 95%. I knew after the first coat of prime and bead dried this stuff was gonna work. I really enjoyed putting something on that I knew was going to work the first time. Thanks sanitred , now I'm setting things on the basement floor I could have never put there before. Good Product.

Thanks again ,

Todd Brannan

From: Larry Piccirilli

To: Sani-Tred

Hi Bill, Well we had 3 days of rain, total of 3 inches, not a drop of moisture came in. The seal that is on the wall reminds me of a sheet of rubber. I am totally impressed and pleasantly surprised. I am highly recommending the Sani-tred system to my friends even if they don't have water problems. I figure if I tell everyone about it, they will remember where to come and get the info.


Larry Piccirilli

From: Dan Taylor

To: Sani-tred

This  product solved a big problem I had in the basement when no other product would work!  I filled a 9' crack that was 1" deep by 2" wide.  This stuff is truly amazing!

From: Roger Hale

To: Sani-Tred

To Whom it may concern,

I ordered your product and used on a basement of one of my houses. I repulsed \"Isabel\" with no problem. I am interested in being a distributor as we discussed.

I have been in the trades for several years except for 4 years as a stock broker. I am presently bying houses for re-habing and I am also looking for another business and this is one that seems like it could be very luckrative here in the Cleveland area. I also own a 4000 sq ft building that I would liek to sell your product and also some other specialty products out of.


Roger Hale

From: Randy C. Graham

To: Sani-Tred


I have just finished my first basement job using Sani Tred and LRB. !!! WOW! This job was the worst case scenario, stone walls over 50 years old, deteriorating etc. After the first rain I found your product to perform over and above expectations! Thank you for Sani Tred.


Randy C. Graham
President, Construction, Management, Maintenance & Inspections.

From:Sophie Swiderski

To: Sani-Tred

"Hello Mr. I type I have 3 fellows fixing that job from hell with your wonderful product. The scraping and sanding has taken 7 hours as we need to ensure that no more of the powder coating is going to come adrift and float the Permaflex away in the future. I will keep you updated with hopefully rave revues for us Canadians to read on your web. The tank manufactures are standing behind their guarantee which is great.....2 of the workers today are theirs. First rave revue....your shipping took less than a week...all in unfreezable- delivery fashion. From your sauna to our igloo....impressive."


Sophie Swiderski

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Jhon Jessen

Five years ago our basement was more of a swimming Floor then a useable basement. The walls were fieldstone with mortar. The floor was cracked in so many places that after it rained the water came up like springs!...READ MORE

Todd Brannan

My name is Todd Brannan and I ordered the basement waterproofing  system a few months ago. Thanks sanitred, now I'm setting things on the basement floor I could have never put there before. Good Product... READ MORE

Larry Piccirilli

I am totally impressed and pleasantly surprised.  I am highly recommending the Sani-tred system to my friends even if they don't have water problems.  I figure if I tell everyone about it, they will remember where to come and get the info...READ MORE

Stu Cassell

Our swimming pool was losing 2-3 inches of water a day. We had two different pool companies attempt to fix the leaks. Neither was successful...READ MORE

Wes Lukaszek

First of all, I want to thank you for your expert advice about your products. Everything worked as you said it would. Your products are very easy to work with...READ MORE

Curt Hugo

I wanted to let you know I used your product, PermaFlex and LRB/TAV on the cracks on my basement wall. I'm very impressed with the results....READ MORE