Concrete Repair and Waterproofing

The Best Way to Repair & Waterproof Concrete is without using Concrete!

It’s common knowledge that new concrete does not bond to old concrete without creating a “cold joint” or weak seam where the old and new concrete meet. The average concrete strength is 2,500-to-4,000 psi . SANI-TRED Liquid Rubber Base Cures to over 3,600 psi tensile strength and literally “welds” to Permaflex primed concrete with a bond which is often stronger than the original concrete surface!

All this plus SANI-TRED provides permanent flexibility to eliminate future cracking, complete waterproof ability, molecular welding to itself new-to-old and many other user-friendly unique qualities!

Our amazing product Quick-Patch has the ability to repair any concrete damage and harden in just minutes with repairs stronger than the original concrete with 4,700 psi tensile strength.  Permanent concrete repairs were never so quick and easy! Quickly and dependably secure anchor bolts, fasteners, or lifting lugs.

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Quick Patch Repair to Badly Broken Concrete Slab. Resurfaced With Our Textured Heavy Duty Floor System

Concrete Repair Concrete Crack Repair Concrete Repair Product


LRB & TAV Mixture Used for Joints, Seams, Cracks, Rough Areas and Most Repairs

Unlimited Concrete Repair & Waterproofing Possibilities

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(A Quick Curing, Rigid, Polyurethane Repair Fluid)

Extremely strong 4,700 psi tensile strength but still remains slightly flexible with 35% elongation. Bonds permanently to concrete, wood, metals, fiberglass, and rigid plastics. Quick Patch is an extremely thin fluid that fills all fine imperfections to quickly penetrate and lock to the substrate.

A scrap 500 lb Concrete Slab is used for this demonstration

Do It Yourself Concrete Repair Products


A small  area near the center is  chiseled out to demonstrate the incredible strength of Quick-Patch.

Repair Concrete Pool Repair Concrete Block Repair Concrete Deck

Quick-Patch “side A” is quickly and easily blended with “side B” by simple hand blending with a plastic cup and spoon

Repair Concrete Slab Concrete Floor Coating Concrete Floor Coating Products

Blended Quick-Patch is poured into the hole and at the same time a steel “S hook” is inserted in the repair just seconds  before solidifying. The solidification process takes only 2 minutes.

Concrete Floor Repair Repair Concrete Basement Concrete Repair Material

15 minutes later, after full cure,  the 500 lb concrete block is lifted by the “S Hook” locked to the concrete by Quick-Patch

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