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From: L J Sands

To: Sani-Tred

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 7:29 AM

Subject: Application in Mexico

Hi Gabby,

Here are a few pics of the job we did in San Miguel de Allende, MX. We started application at 7 AM in fairly cool temps (mid-60's).  We finished at 6:30 PM. It reached 98 degrees at 3 PM with a LOT of reflected heat coming off the product. Overall it went very well, especially working through the learning curve.  Now we have to have a rain storm to make sure we have no leaks. The homeowner is really excited about the new roof.

L J Sands

From: Vic Norman
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 11:03 AM
Subject: Installation Complete For Order #6655


This March my wife and I relocated from Delaware to Central New York, purchasing a beautiful 3-year-old home in the country. About 3 weeks after moving in we had 3 days of rain and I noticed we had a flood in the basement under the front porch deck.

The front porch is a raised 150 sq. ft. concrete slab with 4 decorative wooden columns supporting a pitched roof. The basement extends beneath the front porch. The porch is open to the weather and, consequently, gets a soaking every time it rains.

I’ve had experience with water getting into the basement of other homes we’ve owned, so I was not happy with my discovery. I’ve tried all kinds of other products to keep water out and none of them have ever worked. This time I was determined to try something different.

I spent about 2 weeks searching the Internet for solutions to my water problem and found your site. I was intrigued with your products but I wasn’t sure if you were just another one of those companies with a so-called solution that really didn’t work.

I sent you a few e-mails and I was pleased with the rapid responses and the thorough answers to my questions. I then called your office with a few questions and I was delighted to get good answers. Your solid communications with me helped me with my decision and I called you back to order the materials I needed for my application.

I applied a heavy duty textured system to my deck floor on July 6th and 7th. First, I etched the concrete. My concrete was badly pitted on half of the deck; most bad areas were about 1/8” deep, some were 1/4” deep. So I primed the joints and the pitted areas with PermaFlex, applied a LRB/TAV mix to the wall/floor joint and flood coated the low spots with LRB. Then I coated everything with PermaFlex and applied the rubber granules; it was tricky applying these to the 4” vertical edge of the slab but I developed a method that worked out well. I coated the granules with LRB. And, finally, I applied a dark-gray PermaFlex-AL topcoat.

I've been waiting for a good rain to see whether or not I got the results I had hoped for. Well, the heavens opened up here yesterday in Central New York. We had 5 inches of rain in the last 24 hours and roads are washed out everywhere. My first stop this morning was the front door. When I opened it I saw the water sitting on the deck surface. There were several small ponds and water droplets everywhere…just what I wanted to see. I then went to inspect the basement and could not find 1 single drop of water anywhere. I moved the 3 five-gallon pails into storage since I don’t think I’ll need them again to catch water.

Bottom line: your products solved my problem. Moreover, my wife and I are delighted with how nice the dark gray system looks. Thank you Ideal Products.

Vic Norman



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