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Unique Qualities

Flexible Penetration Technology®

When PermaFlex is applied to the substrate it will penetrate deeply into the pores of the substrate (foundation building material) then cure as tough as a truck tire therefore it is impossible for Sani-Tred products to ever bubble, peel or delaminate. This penetration into the substrate is what allows Sani-Tred products to withstand ‘negative hydrostatic pressure’ which is water on the opposite side of the substrate trying to push through, under pressure, which causes all other materials to fail. Sani-Tred products also withstand ‘moisture vapor drive’ which is water/moisture that ‘wicks’ through the concrete and delaminates all other materials. Sani-Tred PermaFlex deeply penetrates and strengthens weak concrete or mortar joints, which prevent detachment from these types of weak substrates as other coatings are known to do.

The photos below show a concrete patio block that was laid horizontally and coated on one side with SANI-TRED PermaFlex. The PermaFlex was reduced with Xylene (solvent) to allow quicker and deeper penetration. Once this coat was completely saturated, more was applied, and repeated. The PermaFlex was tinted red to allow better visual detection of the SANI-TREDs’ microscopic penetration process of Flexible Penetration Technology®. The block was then broken in half to show its internal cross section. Notice the penetration of the red PermaFlex throughout the entire block.

Permaflex "deep penetration,  o-ring fingers" seen here  penetrating  about 1-1/2"

PermaFlex Flexible Waterproofing Penetration PermaFlex Concrete Waterproofing PermaFlex Deep Penetration in Concrete

Permanent Elongation™

Sani-Tred products never become harder or brittle with age, they maintain their flexibility indefinitely. Sani-Tred products have over 500% elongation! If any product or material does not have Permanent Elongation® it can not permanently waterproof and seal any joint, seam or crack. Too often so called “professionals” use cement and other inferior materials to patch concrete. Concrete has zero flexibility and zero elongation, knowing this; it is obvious concrete can not permanently waterproof, seal and patch any crack or joint.

PermaFlex - Waterproofing Products PermaFlex - Basement Waterproofing Products
LRB (Liquid Rubber Base)
PermaFlex Elongation - Basement Waterproofing PermaFlex Elongation - Basement Waterproofing Systems

Elongation Memory Technology®

This physical quality ensures that when Sani-Tred products are compressed and relaxed, drastically stretched and released that they always return to their original shape and size preventing distortion of their original shape and size while remaining permanently adhered which is a major cause of release of coatings from powerful forces such as freeze/thaw cycles, water pressure, gas pressure, vibration and sudden shock.


Jhon Jessen

Five years ago our basement was more of a swimming Floor then a useable basement. The walls were fieldstone with mortar. The floor was cracked in so many places that after it rained the water came up like springs!...READ MORE

Todd Brannan

My name is Todd Brannan and I ordered the basement waterproofing  system a few months ago. Thanks sanitred, now I'm setting things on the basement floor I could have never put there before. Good Product... READ MORE

Larry Piccirilli

I am totally impressed and pleasantly surprised.  I am highly recommending the Sani-tred system to my friends even if they don't have water problems.  I figure if I tell everyone about it, they will remember where to come and get the info...READ MORE

Stu Cassell

Our swimming pool was losing 2-3 inches of water a day. We had two different pool companies attempt to fix the leaks. Neither was successful...READ MORE

Wes Lukaszek

First of all, I want to thank you for your expert advice about your products. Everything worked as you said it would. Your products are very easy to work with...READ MORE

Curt Hugo

I wanted to let you know I used your product, PermaFlex and LRB/TAV on the cracks on my basement wall. I'm very impressed with the results....READ MORE